The good reasons to invest in the North-easterN Brazil

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Whether to create a business or buy a property to spend your vacation and your
retirement, here are some good reasons to invest in the North-eastern Brazil:

Brazil: a growing economy
With China, India and Russia, Brazil is one of the 4 major developing economies in the world.

Major International investments in the region
In the coming years, the Brazilian Northeast will benefit from huge International investments (hotels, private homes, resorts, golf courses, etc.)

Facilities improvement
In the area of operations,  the region of Aracati, Ceará State (CE), 150 km from Fortaleza, great efforts are made to the modernize the infrastructures such as roads, bridges and, in particular, the expansion of the Aracati airport to accommodate international flights.

Attractive real estate prices and moderate construction costs
The low purchasing power of the 80 and 90 kept the price of real estate in Brazil to very attractive level. With the rise of the economy and low inflation, Brazilians are increasingly turning to bank financing for the purchasing of properties. The property prices will therefore increase steadily in the coming years. On the other hand, the construction prices in Brazil remain very accessible. However, it should increase in the coming years following the real estate price rise. Do not delay your buy!

Foreign investments protected by the Government
Foreign investment are welcomed with open arms in Brazil. The Government ensures compliance of the contracts and foreign buyers’ rights. Freehold of the properties acquired in accordance with the law is guarantied.

Pleasant climate, clean air and beautiful beaches
North-eastern Brazil is only a few degrees of the equator and the seasonal variations are minimal with an average annual temperature of 27 °. Quabrada Canoa is known for its micro-climate which ensures a record number of days of sunshine. The coastal region is known for its long tropical beaches lined with colourful rocks cliffs, coconut trees, lagoons and sand dunes. According to NASA, the North East of Brazil has the purest air of the developed world ...

Friendly people
The population of the North-eastern Brazil is peaceful and welcoming. In general, Brazilian people are very tolerant and open to the different cultures.

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