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FORTIM - Ceará State - Brazil

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The municipality of Fortim is located on the bank of the river Jaguaribe, a 118 km from Fortaleza by the EC-040 highway.
A igreja do Fortim
São Pedro Square and the church Nossa Senhora do Amparo
São Pedro's Square, Fortim
Independence Day Parade - Fortim CE
Indepence Day - Fortim (CE)
Indepence Day Parade in Fortim - Brazil
Fortim, o rio Jaguaribe
Restaurant on the river Jaguaribe
Restaurant on the bank of the river Jaguaribe - Ceara State, Brazil
Igreja do Fortim, visto do rio Jaguaribe The Church of Fortim, viewed from the river
The church of Fortim, view from the river Jaguaribe
A Pedra do Chapel - Fortim
The 'Pedra do Chapel'
(Stone Hat) - Fortim
The 'Pedra do Chapel' (Hat Stone) - river Jaguaribe, Fortim, north-east of Brazil
Fortim e o rio Jaguaribe, visto aéreo
Fortim - The river Jaguaribe up to its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean
The river Jaguaribe. View until his mouth in the Atlantic ocean
Lighthouse of Fortim - Ceará - Brazil
Fortim's lighthouse in Canto da Barra
The Fortim lighthouse, located in Canto da Barra
Navegação no rio
Boat trip on the river Jaguaribe
Boat trip on the river Jaguaribe. In the back, the dunes of Canoa Quebrada
Canto da Barra - Fortim
Canto da Barra - Fortim
Canto da Barra - Fortim, near the mouth of the river Jaguaribe
Pontal de Maceio  - Fortim : a praia
The beach of Pontal de Maceio - Fortim
the beach of Pontal de Maceio - Fortim - Ceara State - Brazil
Regata de jangadas, Pontal de Maceio - Fortim
Regatta of 'jangadas' in Pontal de Maceió: The start
Regatta of 'jangadas' : The start line - Pontal de Maceio, Fortim, Brazil
A praia de Pontal de Maceio - Fortim - CE
The beach of Pontal de Maceio
The beach of Pontal de Maceio - Fortim and a 'jangada', typical fishermen boat of the noth-east of Brazil.

This page :
History - The river Jaguaribe -
The beaches : Pontal de Maceio - Canto da Barra
Kitesurfing - Map

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Short History of Fortim

o mirante do Fortim - CE
O Mirante - Fortim - CE

The "Mirante" in Fortim
The history of Fortim is closely linked to the Ceará State's one. The city was founded in 1603 by Pero Coelho de Souza. Originally called Canoé, the place has obtained the status of village in 1934 and, in 1937, the district headquarters were transferred to a place called Fortim, name that substituted the old one. Fortim emancipated itself from the municipality of Aracati in 1992.

About the Church

Interestingly, the church of Nossa Senhora do Amparo was built facing the river, at the time when the village laid mainly along its banks. With the expansion of the village, the inhabitants began to build at the rear of the church, which did not please the most faithful of the Nossa Senhora de Amparo's Church. Thus, to avoid the place losing the blessing of its patron saint, it was decided to open doors at the rear of the church and build a square, the São Pedro's Square. Since then, it is through these back doors that the faithful access to church, that is at the rear of the altar.

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The river Jaguaribe

The river Jaguaribe is the best attraction of Fortim. At the top of the Fortim "Mirante" tower you’ll discover a fantastic view over the river and the fishing boats that sail on it.
The river has various canals, islands and a large variety of birds, fishes and a vegetation that give a special touch to the majestic local nature.
O rio Jaguaribe
The bank of the Jaguaribe
Na beira do Rio Jaguaribe - Fortim - CE

We recommend a boat trip on the river Jaguaribe; this tour will leave unforgettable memories.

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The beaches are located 6 km away from the church square in the centre of Fortim: Pontal do Maceio Beach (the best known) and Canto da Barra Beach.


Pontal de Maceió

Pontal de Maceió, a simple fishermen’s village, has kept its authenticity away from real estate and tourists concentration. Its beautiful beach breathes at the rythm of the fishermen jangadas going out early and coming back late afternoon with the daily haul of fishes and lobsters. At low tide, follow the beach in the direction of the river Jaguaribe mouth and discover the close-by natural caves. On the other side, heading in the direction of Parajuru, go past the village and have a peaceful walk on the fine sand along the shore up to the "Agulhas" beach.

Pontal de Maceió has a little tourist infrastructure including a couple of small inns and local bars on the nice village square, 1 luxury hotel in the seafront, and beach hut restaurants serving tasty fish and seafood as well as typical regional dishes. (see our Fortim restaurant page)

Canto da Barra

Located at the mouth of the river Jaguaribe, some 1,500 m from the river Jaguaribe jetty, the beach of Barra do Fortim and its surrounding nature’s richness are a paradise still unknown to many tourists visiting the region.

Its grandiose flat water space and its constant winds make the mouth of the river in Canto da Barra one of the best kitesurfing spot of Brazil.

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fortimLocation of Fortim (Google Map):

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