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CANOA QUEBRADA - Brazilian beach

Portal of entry of the Ceará state tourism.


Mythical hippies’ paradise of the 70’s and 80’s, Canoa Quebrada is no longer the quiet fishing village the hippies discovered a couple of decades ago: it has become the portal of entry of the Ceará state tourism.

Canoa Quebrada is a beautiful beach located on the Rising Sun coast, about 166 km away from Fortaleza, capital of the Ceará state. It is part of the Aracati municipality.

praia falesias e voo livre canoa quebrada
Praia de Canoa Quebrada, barracas, falesias e vôo livre!
mar e areia branca em Canoa Quebrada
Mar e areia branca, praia de Canoa Quebrada
Pôr do sol na praia
Pôr do sol na praia de Canoa Quebrada

The ancient quiet fishing village washed by the Atlantic Ocean lies on top of giant red cliffs (up to thirty meters above sea level) and is surrounded by pristine dunes. Canoa Quebrada was discovered by the hippies of 70’s who a found simple and hospitable population. They transformed the place in a refuge of peace and love, bringing together a combination of different cultures creating a sense of freedom that one can still perceive in Canoa.

Canoa Quebrada village developed itself from the small hamlet “Estevao” now located east of the main nucleus of the village. Likewise most heavenly places, Canoa was discovered by chance in 1685 by a Portuguese sailor who broke his boat at the current Ponta Grossa beach. He tried a repair in the neighbouring village of Aracati and eventually discovered the beautiful beach of Canoa Quebrada

Estevão de Canoa Quebrada
A vila do Estevão, visto da duna de Canoa Quebrada
Ponta Grossa
Marte!? Não: Ponta Grossa
A Broadway de Canoa na hora do pôr do sol

Today, with paved access, electricity, cyber cafés, restaurants and hotels, Canoa Quebrada has become an international beach and one of the most important tourist destination throughout the state of Ceará. It is also famous for the natural beauty of the surrounding area and for the busy nights on “Broadway”, the main street, which gained in 2003 a new sidewalk made of Portuguese stones. Frequented by many Brazilians and foreigners (almost all the year round) the development of the beach creates strong economic growth within the municipality of Aracati.

“The natural heritage of the area is protected by the “Environmental Protection Zone” federal laws: an area of about seventy thousand acres from the Porto Canoa to the mouth of the Rio Jaguaribe”

The small community of the “Estevao”, still preserving the traditional culture, is part of the protected area. Inhabited by the native fishermen, it is considered as an area of relevant ecological interest to preserve the landscape surrounded by cliffs and dunes.

Dunas e Rio Jaguaribe
As dunas e o Rio Jaguaribe no fundo
Pôr-do-sol na duna de Canoa
Pôr-do-sol na duna de Canoa Quebrada
Um nordestino
Um Nordestino

The local population is of about 3,000 inhabitants including natives, Brazilians and foreigners mainly Europeans, who dedicate themselves to tourist services.

The region has a semi-arid climate. The average annual temperature is around 27° centigrade, with highs up to 38 ° and lows of down to 21°. The sun in Canoa Quebrada is present almost all year round with some rain, between March and May.

Sports also make part of the Canoa Quebrada life: paragliding, surfing and kitesurfing, performed at the official kite beach and at the mouth of the Jaguaribe river, 10 km west of the long Canoa beach.

Parapente na hora do pôr-do-sol
Kitesurf em Canoa Quebrada
Passeio de buggy Canoa Quebrada

Dune buggy tours along the coast are another great attraction for those willing to discover the natural beauties surrounding Canoa Quebrada: desert beaches, lagoons, sand dunes, coconut trees, small fishermen villages and multicoloured cliffs and rocks.

The famous “Broadway” street of Canoa!!! Learn more about this legendary street, heart of the village and its nightlife.

Canoa Quebrada, with its beautiful nature and privileged location close to Fortaleza, is without doubt a very special place and one of the nicest beaches of the North-East Brazilian coast.

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Mapa pictográfico da Broadway de Canoa Quebrada
The new pictographic drawn map of Juracy Montenegro:
'The Broadway of Canoa Quebrada'
Poster for sale R$ 10,00
Information and enlargement:
Click on the map
Bech, red cliffs an simbol of Canoa Quebrada
Falésias e símbolo da praia de Canoa Quebrada

Beach, red cliffs and simbol
of Canoa Quebrada
A "Broadway" de Canoa Quebrada
A rua Dragão do Mar "Broadway" de Canoa Quebrada

'Broadway' The main street of Canoa Quebrada
Forró na praia de Canoa Quebrada
Banda de forró na praia de Canoa Quebrada

Forró on the beach in Canoa Quebrada
Jeg's Bar, praia de Canoa Quebrada
O famoso e simpático Jeg's Bar na praia de Canoa Quebrada

The Jeg's Bar
Parapente na praia de Canoa Quebrada
Parapente, sol e falesia, praia de Canoa Quebrada

Paragliding on the beach
Roberto Carlos, nativo de Canoa Quebrada

Roberto Carlos, native of Canoa
Falesia e mar, praia de Canoa Quebrada
Descendo para a praia de Canoa Quebrada

Cliffs and beach of Canoa Quebrada
Vendedor de artesanato em Canoa Quebrada
Artesanato local na praia : areia colorida e quadros

Crafts seller on the beach
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parapente canoa quebrada
Paragliding, fly with Jerônimo:
Canoa's sensation!


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