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Arte e Cultura de Canoa Quebrada, Aracati, Fortim
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Culture and art have always been and always will be the exponents and fundamental starting point in exposing the magical and fascinating places on the planet. You certainly have heard of places with similar characteristics and development like Goa, Formentera, Arraial d'Ajuda, Morro do São Paulo na Bahia, Ibiza, Búzios and many others.

Well, since it is one of the pearls in the northeast, the cosmopolitan beach of Canoa Quebrada and its surrouding region is not much different and you feel a strong presence of art and culture in the life of this ancient fishing village...
... read more, translation of a text by Juracy Montenegro, artist of Canoa Quebrada)

Arte e Cultura - Canoa Quebrada
Mario Tossi - Canoa Quebrada


Juracy Montenegro artista plástico. Mapa pictográfico da Broadway de Canoa Quebrada


Juracy Montenegro, Musician and Plastic Artist was inspired by Oscar Blois (miniaturist) and various Impressionist painters.

After having extensively traveled throughout Brazil, Europe and other regions of the world, Jura decided to return to Canoa Quebrada in 1991...

See :


Miguel Urion, pintor

MIGUEL URION - Brazilian-French Plastic Artist- Fortim

"... An artist of unquestionable talent.
Urion is a young artist of great talent whose creative potential Brazil must discover"
Congratulations to all those who promote art and culture... to recognize the talent of this artist who yet will convey many accomplishments through his art, and not just in the state of Ceara, but in the whole Brazil.
Ivênio Pires. - Rafard/SP.

See Miguel's paintings gallery


Maria Urion, artista plástica

MARIA BARBOSA - Brazilian Plastic Artist - Fortim

Impression of never seen?
What's the matter?
The artistic creation?
How did this happen?
I don't remember... Two years? Twenty years? Time doesn't exist in painting. Most of my works flee from me. To express emotion in whatever form. There are moments of pleasure, pain, joy, sadness ... madness, where one recognize oneselves.
Nothing new, thus, we haven't seen much.
Maria Barboza

SEE Maria's painting gallery


Here's the magic land of the Sea Dragon with its artists, architects, artisans, designers, photographers, musicians, painters, environmentalists, film makers and many others who experienced the hippy movement trends of the sixties and seventies in Canoa Quebrada.

... Montenegro Juracy text on art and culture of Canoa Quebrada:

The artists, academics, designers, intellectuals, scientists, mercenaries, adventurers, environmentalists, pacifists and many others who experienced or adapted the hippy trends of the sixties and seventies adding their own culture from different parts of Brazil or foreign countries, created a new culture that interacts with the local traditional one.

From this collision of cultures has emerged a very special melting pot still in transition, a fusion of cultures in constant development.

Arte e Cultura - Canoa Quebrada
The Moon & Star, symbol of Canoa Quebrada
created by Chico Elisiário

The hospitality and the simplicity of the native inhabitants of Canoa Quebrada has been the starting point for this approach among the many diverse cultures, and consequently, appeared new families including some that have spread over several continents. The art in "the land of the Sea Dragon" (Dragão do Mar) is an essential weight in this growth initiated by the ancient very talented artists such as the poet Zé Melancia or the pioneer in the art of sculpture Elisiário Chico (Chico Tartaruga) who also was the creator of the Moon and Star (Lua e Estrela), the famous symbol of Canoa Quebrada.

Amongst the more recent local art figures, we'll mention the self-taught painter and composer Niciano that gripped the audience with his beautiful compositions in the eighties during the festival "Canoarte", festival that disappeared in 1994. His inimitable perspectives and paintings of the cliffs, paintings and drawings still visible in Canoa Quebrada, are engraved in the memory of the local population and the one of many visitors.

“....Music is born the moment that the musician plays
and painting is a moment that the painter captures....”

The creations, productions and performances of the Canoa artists are the reflection of the natural beauties of the region. They certainly need art collectors and an audience at they show to continue their works.

Translation of a text written by Juracy Montenegro

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Garafas de areia colorida
The famous local bottled coloured sand paintings
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