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Excursion in dune buggy in Fortim - Jaguaribe river

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ED TUR : DUNE BUGGY TOURS in the east coast of the Ceará State - Brazil

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ED TUR, Pontal de Maceió - Fortim
Tél. : (88) 8816 7746 / (88) 9600 6876
E-mail : edturpasseios@hotmail.com

Native of the place, Bolota of Ed Tur is a nice guide knowing the region perfectly well.  Aboard his buggy, you will discover the natural beauties and sights of the "Sol Nascente” coast (Rising Sun) driving through the amazing landscapes and beautiful beaches of this protected semi-arid zone that goes from the river Pirangi near Parajuru up to Ponta Grossa, Redonda and Icapui.
Below are some suggested itineraries offered by Ed Tur.
These are just a few examples;  Ed Tur and Bolota organize customized tours (duration and routes chosen by the client) that may take you to more distant destinations in the direction of Fortaleza or Natal.


Tour 1 :
Points of interest of Fortim, Pontal de Maceió and Canto da Barra as well as the rivers Pirangiand Jaguaribe.

The journey, from Fortim or from the Pontal de Maceió beach, will take you to the Pirangi river mouth, the beach “das Agulhas”, the beach and village of Pontal de Maceió, the natural caves of Pontal, the Fortim lighthouse, the dunes of Barra, the Jaguaribe river mouth, Canto da Barra and the city of Fortim.
Duration: 2h30.
Tour price: R$ 200.- (max. 4 persons)


Tour 2:
Canoa Quebrada, surf and slide in the  dunes ("esquibunda"), the village and  famous  beach of Canoa Quebrada as well as the "Pôr do Sol" dune (Coucher de Soleil).

The journey, from Fortim or from the Pontal de Maceió beach :
- Canto da Barra, Jaguaribe river crossing by ferry.
- The dunes and lagoons of Canoa Quebrada, stopping at the impressive "esquibunda" dune(surf and slide) at the picturesque oasis of « Uncle Zé ».
- The "Estevão" hamlet, stopping at the Canoa Quebrada beach well known for its unique red cliffs and its Moon and Star symbol (Lua e Estrela).
- Visit of the center of Canoa and its famous main street known as  "Broadway" , then discovering the Sunset Dune (Pôr do Sol).
Duration: 5 to 6 hours
Tour rate: R$ 450.- (max 4 pers.)


Tour 3:
60 kilometers of bewitching coast and its fishing villages, coloured cliffs, Ponta Grossa and the highest dunes of the Ceará State then the lovely  beach of Redonda...

The journey, from Fortim or from the Pontal de Maceió beach :
- Canto da Barra, Jaguaribe river crossing by ferry.
- Driving along the coast going through the beaches up to Redonda/Icapui passing: Canoa Quebrada, Majorlândia, Quixaba, Lagoa do Mato, Murici, Retirinho, Retiro Grande, Ponta Grossa, Redonda and, if you wish, driving up to Icapui et Tibaú at the border with the Rio Grande do Norte State
Duration : 6 to 7 hours.
Tour rate: R$ 500.- (max 4 pers.)

Custom tours are billed 90,00 reais per hour. Contact ED TUR for further information.
Ed Tur passeio : a praia de Pontal de Maceió
Pontal de Maceió
Ed Tur passeio : o rio Jaguaribe no Fortim
The river Jaguaribe - Fortim
Ed Tur passeio : a praia de Canoa Quebrada
Canoa Quebrada

Ed Tur operates in Fortim, Parajuru, Canoa Quebrada, Aracati and all the beaches of the region

Also see the interactive map of the beaches and localities.

Prices may vary if the departure is from Canoa Quebrada or another place than Fortim-Pontal de Maceió-Barra.

ED TUR, Pontal de Maceió - Fortim
<él>Tél.: (88) 8816 7746 / 9600 6876
E-mail : edturpasseios@hotmail.com



Ed Tur passeio : a 'Garganta do Diabo', praia de Murici - Lagoa do Mato
La 'Garganta do Diabo'
(Devil throat)

Ed Tur passeio : Ponta Grossa
Ponta Grossa

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